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Binder clip, just make sure it is all metal.
Generally speaking, I would say that they are not meant to be used with food items.That is one of the reasons that the silcone cake stuff usually costs more is because it is made with food safe materials, while the other stuff doesn't have to be. did this as a comparison for my students.I totally think they are worth using and use them on all of my cakes.
I usually do my painting with Americolor Airbrush colors. Love that they are already thinned down. general rule of thumb is you need support for every 4 inches of cake. So if your bottom tier is two layers of cake, and you are putting another tier on that, then you will need dowels.I would either do 3 or 4 dowels below a 5 in cake. Anything more and you are compromising the layer below it.
For me that would be 74 servings, at $4 piece for fondant, so $296 total. You need to sit down and figure out what it costs you to make a cake that size, how long it will take you, how much your time is worth, and what profit you want to make from it.
Wilton's gumpaste dries pretty quickly already.My concearn about adding Tylose to it would be that it would be too hard to work with or would dry out before you got done working with it.
I made a few things that I held on to for years! The colors will fade/dull a little over time, but other wise the looked fine.I store them in a card board box, to keep dust off. Also you want to keep them out of florescent lights and sun light. Making them a month or more in advance would be prefectly fine.
If it is just a single cake, I will often put it in a cake carrier over night. If I bake late and need to go to bed before it completely cools I'll also put it in a cake carrier on a wire rack.If I have a bunch of cakes to do, I will wrap them in several layers of plastic wrap and leave out on the kitchen cabinet.I never freeze cakes, mostly because all I have is a side by side and have no room for it. Some say that freezing helps make the cake more moist. I haven't had...
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