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You can also use Boyajian Citrus Oils. They sell a kit with small bottles of each flavor you crave in your post.The trick to using oils is to use them very sparingly, as their flavor profiles are intense.Theresa
I noticed two threads in the unanswered posts about the whoopie pie threads. I have them in my watched topics, but I know the threads were started a couple of years ago, which would mean paging through countless other watched topics before I find it.I also noticed a search option at the top of my watched topics. Does that search option at that page just work on my watched topics, or all forums? If all forums, would you be able to add a search option for our watched...
What you're looking for is called a master mix. There are several online that can be used not just for cakes, but for other baked goods as well.There are also a couple of master mix threads in the forums archives.Theresa
It will definitely bead up. I tried painting veins on leaves with 23K edible gold, and it just would not stay where I wanted it to.Theresa
I have tasted tea cookies with lavender in them. Lavender, to me, gave the cookies the smell and taste of soap. I prefer to stay away from it.Theresa
I was taught that black food color is made with either a green or purple base, so it's your base color that is showing through.Are those gel colors? If so, try using airbrush color instead. Technically, airbrushing is a form of painting, so it might work better.Theresa
I want to mention that I am not affiliated with this company, except to be on their e-newsletter list.If anyone is looking a refurbished 6-qt KA professional mixer, here's the link. Note the free shipping at the top right corner.!Theresa
While I have never been a WMI, I have had a few occasions where I had to contact Wilton, via both e-mail and telephone, about certain matters. Mrs. MacGregor responded to a few of those matters. I found her to be both personable and professional. She was always willing to point me in the right direction at Wilton when I had a situation that she could not address personally.My condolences to her family. May God take her into His Heaven.Theresa
For a beginner, Sunbeam re-introduced their MixMaster a few years ago. They are very, very sturdy, and very affordable.Buy the best mixer from the ones mentioned, that you can afford, then bank up as you can for your dream mixer.Theresa
For bigger bags I used to use a beer pitcher to hold it open.Theresa
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