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Jessi, as I understand it, as soon as you start making any money you need to report it on your income tax.
I would not put unwashed interfacing against anything I intended to be eaten. Many fabrics are sold with a sizing in them. I don't know if it is harmful to eat but I know what a warehouse full of fabric bolts smells like in summer heat. I don't want that next to my food! Smooth paper towels are my choice.
I did one once starting from the guitar pan.
Thank you.
Who is Jeff Arnett, and why does the link on his name take us to the website of Dolores (Inlow) McCann?
What are you especially good at, Misty? What techniques do you most enjoy doing? You could make a special cake with basketweave, or cornelli or sotas. You could add roses or drop flowers or balloons and confetti. How about a butterfly? Is there a particular border you love to do? Grandma is going to love getting a special cake from you. Consider your time available and the distance to transport, and use your best techniques. It is bound to be appreciated!A cake should do...
I don't think that whether your business is profitable or losing money is really the issue. The license is "for home use only." Taking orders and money from someone doesn't sound like "home use." But I'm not a lawyer and I don't know how a court would interpret "home use."I do know that a local charity was ordered to stop using a cartoon character in their fund raising. Didn't matter that they were non-profit, what mattered is that they didn't have the cartoon owner's...
I can send you scanned inserts and a number of yearbook ideas for the Chick 'n Egg pan. PM me with your email address
Where do you live, LvBunny? And is your friend knowledgable about the regulations regarding food businesses?In some places, almost anything goes.In some, selling food from a home is OK as long as it isn't perishable. (Cookies are OK, cream pies are not.)In some, selling food from a home is OK if the home meets certain criteria (that range from minmal to extensive, depending on where you are), is inspected regularly, and pays for a license.In some, selling food from a home...
MDM said "We're moving somewhere that doesn't allow a cake shop to be run out of your home." It sounds to me like she has already researched what it would take to do this in her home. Some places, my state among them, simply do not allow food business in homes, period. So there wouldn't be any point in contacting the health department about that.
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