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I need to make a football helmet cake. I an not worried about the actually helmet part (using a half ball pan and a round cake) but I am not sure about the face mask part. I know enough to use gumpaste but I am wondering in anyone has any advice or a pattern to try. It just seems like it would be so fragile to get it to suspend off the cake like that and it needs to look just like the real thing. Any tips of suggestions would be appreciated....
I am looking to buy a cupcake carrier that holds more than 24 mini cupcakes? Does anyone have an recommendations or suggestions? Hopefully from a national chain or someone with online shipping....Thanks and Happy Holidays!!
My sister is getting married next year and she asked me to make the cake. Long story short the cake is included in her package so I get to enjoy the wedding and relax. She does want a handmade gumpaste wedding cake topper that looks like her and her soon to be husband. I am not sure if my skills are up to the challenge. Does anyone have a direction to steer me in? Any books, magazines, posts, etc that would help me... Or if I totally stink in my attempts does anyone...
I just re-did my website. Would love for some feedback from a fresh set of eyes. Would love any comments, suggestions, etc. Thank you.
I found one for $60. Thought that as way to pricy so I made my own. Check out the forums on beer bottle cakes for for info.
I like my mat from Creative Cutters. It is huge and is so thick and never slides. You do not need to put any crisco or powdered sugar on it. A huge step up from the cheap Wilton mat.
Thought this would have been more well received. I thought it had a wow factor.
I finished mine this weekend. Thanks to everyone on this post for all the help.
I have just made full size solid beer bottles. It should work the same. Just let it dry for several hours.
I applied to be a Wilton instructor. Someone from Wilton contacted me and about a nearby opening and asked for pics of my recent cakes. She just emailed me back and said she really liked my work and cakes. She wanted to do a 40 minute phone interview this week. Of course I said yes. I know there are a bunch of Wilton instructors on CC and was looking for some help. Any suggestions? What is she going to be asking me? etc.Any help would be greatly appreciated!Wish me...
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