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Go with an apron, if you can sew, make it with several pockets across the front right below the waist, Use one pocket for change, one for dollar bills, and one for 5's and 10's, another for $20's.  Use a heavy material, denim,  canvas, take a piece of the denim at least 6 inches high, and the width of the apron. put a small hem at the top edge, and sew it to the apron, then make 4 pockets.  This keeps the cash on you and safe. ,
Can't remember the name of the stuff I am thinking of, but it is in the little packets they put medications, they are supposed to absorb moisture, so the medication, does not break down, or deteriorate  so must be non toxic, to put in a box with your cake,.  If you could use this it might help with your problem. Just looked at the time of your post, and I am afraid this is way too late, but it is something you might want to  try if the situation ever occurs again.
Since your brother seems to have a hard time when confronted with a situation he is uncomfortable with, who reverts to changing the subject, or silence, his asking you to make the cake may be his way of  trying to breach the hard feelings of the past, with out having to come  right out and say it.  I think if you make the cake, no matter what you will feel better, if you don't you will always wonder if had you made it, that you and your brother would be if not great...
I would use the Bas Relief technique, you might find something on this on you tube, or goggle it, to see what you can find,  basically you start from the back and build the image up, in layers.  Not hard, Nick Lodge had a chapter on this in one of his older books, The Art of **********,  Pastillage and Sugar Moulding.  I don't know if it is available any more, but I am sure there must be other books out there with instructions in the technique.
I agree that without the year book Wilton will probably soon be just a memory, like Maid of Scandinavia/Sweet Celebrations, and MailBox News.  All were front runners in cake decorating supplies, and ideas, and are now gone.   I feel the quality of many of the Wilton products has been poor for a long time, they cater to the new decorator, if they would upgrade the quality of their products they could continue to be player in the cake decorating market,while their prices...
get an estimate of the costs of repairing, and if it is reasonable repair, if not and you are going to move, check out a used oven/stove, that will carry you over until you move and then if it is in the cards get the Deluxe oven.   Can''t see spending the money on a Deluze over only to have to leave it if you move.
Just curious, how far did he have to take the cake, miles/ minutes away from you. 40 minutes it a fairly long time, which may well indicate he stopped somewhere between picking up the cake, and getting it to the house or venue. I once had a cake where part of the bottom tier broke off, but I had, had to make a sharp right turn, then left and over a speed bump that I didn't know was there. That was early on and I have not had a problem since, but  it was a 3 tier cake, and...
great job!
I don't know that seeing my cupcakes being sold for a lot more than I was being paid, getting to work over a hour early every day, having to make up 3 different flavors every other day, which probably leaves you with several left overs of each flavor, is worth the thrill of seeing my work for sale. Either they take all the cupcakes or I would forget about it.  Your time is worth much more than you are getting.  I would also raise my price.
I  am not sure what you need, but I would send an email to Wilton, they should be able to give you all the information you need about the fountain. Other wise check with your power company.
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