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thank you for all of your suggestions! I'll be getting to work...
How do I adhere ribbon to side of cake drum? I feel like an I just glue it? Anything special? Never did it before...any help really appreciated!
Hi everyone....I was wondering what you thought would be the best 'glue' for adhering gumpaste/fondant flowers to a fondant covered cake? Which works better-royal icing or a meringue powdre & water "glue"...the flowers will be 3-D all over the cake....any ideas appreciated!!
thanks for all your suggestions! I'll be trying this out very soon!!jenn
hi everyone-should brush embroidery only be done w/royal icing? or can BC be used? I have to do it for the first time soon, & I wasn't sure...anyhelp truly appreciated! Also, is it best to pipe a portion of the design, then do the "brushing"...or pipe evrything & then go back for the "brushing" part?Thanks! jenn
hi- I recently made my daughters birthday cake w/the paper towel tubes & they worked out great-I was going to use rice crispie treats, but since the tubes worked out, I didn't need to. I DID however make the top tier of cake a rice crispie "cake" since I didn't need as much cake as I was plannig to use...I just iced the tubes w/BC, droped a "cake"cone in the top of each tube & wrapped in fondant. Then I placed a sugar cone on top & piped some shells around the base to...
Hi-any help appreciated...when making a Book cake, do I place the fondant directly on the cake top,or do you wrap cardboard in fondant & place on top? I made a mortar baord that way for a graduation cake & was unsure ifI needed to do the same for a book...Hope I don't sound too green here....LOL
I've used raspberry jam& had no problems...but the trick to it not seeping out is to pipe a thick ring of BC around cake, then fill in w/ provides a sturdy barrier & keeps your jam in & not seeping through sides of cake. I've never had it seep thru the cake before...hope that helps
thanks for your help!!!
I have 2 'involved' cakes both due the same if I finish one before the other, will it hold up OK in fridge? For how long? A day or so? All cakes will be covered in fondant w/gumpaste decorations. Any suggestions appreciated!!!!
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