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check out a site called "marvelous molds".
I agree with Jess155.
Why did they block it? You can check **********.
I know the creator of the cake so I emailed her. She said it was the scalloped zigzag from the Straight Frill Cutter Set 1. Here is the link -http://********************/catalog/gumpaste/FMM/JEM.htm
Caljava has them.
Thank you so much! I'm gonna use this!
I've seen burlap ribbon at Michael's.
This year I had a lot of navy and purple.
Yes, close your business and re-open as a home based business.  I did that after 10 years of having my own cake shop and now I am finally making money. You'll have more time for yourself and less stress.  It's a win-win situation.   Good Luck!
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