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Made some of Antonia's RI 2 days ago for some Dallas cowboys cookies, the footballs are dry already, the white so far is drying, the blue is no way close to dry (for the looks of it I don't know if it will) and the gray is looking like elephant skin! What did I do wrong? It's all from the same base batch. Will they eventually dry or do I need to make new cookies? I need them for Friday and I'm running out o time. What do you recommend? TIA
Did you change the ingredients from the list in the recipe section? I tried it and I came out very orangey but that aside it was delicious. I'll check the new recipe and make the proper changes in my recipe card. Thank you
Thank you, thank you, thank you
Thanks, I didn't need anything if glued like a dream on its own
I made SMBC and colored deep black, let it rest in the fridge to get the color I needed but now that I want to use it the color is separating from the BC, is it salvageble? How can I fix it? TIA
Anyone? please
First time making sugar bottles and I have questions. Help! How can I "glue" fondant label to isomalt bottles? And what kind of protective gloves should I use? I've "the ove" glove from as seen on tv, would that work since I'm not pulling sugar? It's just to protect from pouring hot isomalt. Thanks for your help
Sorry, CCSMBC = Cream Cheese Swiss Merengue ButterCream
How many cups of icing do you get from this? TIA
Wow, what a great idea!!!   I'm gonna have to steal it for a spiced cake filling. Thanks!
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