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Might try adding an egg or two more.
I'm sure if it's pliable....and you've "tasted it"...that it is fine. I'M FULLY CONVINCED THAT SUGAR IS IT'S OWN PRESERVATIVE...and basically MMF is SUGAR!We should all be well preserved, eh???
Hi! Alana's recipe sounds wonderful. Thought I'd throw mine in for you to consider also. I use the Wilton class buttercream recipe, but instead of all shortening, I use half real butter and half shortening. Same "idea" as Alana's. I get rave reviews on this BC. I vary my flavorings. For an almond flavored white cake, I use Almond extract. I use clear vanilla for chocolate and non-almond cake flavors. I love to make cinnamon BC by adding dry cinnamon powder to taste...
I put my cake batter in a gallon sized zip-lok bag and treat it like a pastry bag. When I have the cupcake liners in the pan, I snip off the corner of the zip-lok bag and fill the liners with the bag of batter. Recently did a huge cupcake wedding (29 dozen) and used this method over and over!
I use it exclusively..because I'm too lazy to make MMF..and I hate Wilton's play-doh. I love it. Never had a bad tub.
Need more info! LOL How many servings is many layers will need to be baked. When I do a wedding cake that serves 100-200....I bake for two days and ice and decorate on the third. Might freeze the first bakings. Depends on so many things. Are you making the decor? Gumpaste?
I soooooooooooooo respect my friend who just earned his doctorate last month. He chooses not to be called "Dr." because you see, It hasn't changed who he is or the dedication he has to his field of his service. Yes, he's learned some valuable tools of his trade......................................He doesn't need the ego injection. What a guy!
I personally think that being anal about "smooth" Is laughable! Granted....I slap the icing on and make an effort ~ but is a cake for gosh sakes! The nice people are going to attack it with a weapon and EAT IT!!!!! Many times, I do swirly tops....cover my less than smooth top with cornelli lace (great trick), basketweave the top......or just leave the "character" flaws there because I DON'T CARE!!!!!
....First, forgive me for not reading every post on this thread. I may be repeating the sentiments of several. This whole thing just makes me double over laughing. IT IS A LIE TO CALL SOMEONE'S PHOTO OF THEIR ORIGINAL WORK YOUR OWN. THAT IS WRONG....BUT, IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE COPIED.....OR BE AN INSPIRATION TO SOMEONE ELSE, THEY WHY THE %^&* DO YOU PUT YOUR PHOTOS ONLINE????? lololOLOLOLOLool There is very little new under the sun.... We all are inspired by...
In June I did a "cupcake" wedding. Five flavors (gourmet..filled...fancy recipes) each with their own unique icing and decor. Decor ranged from moulded initial chocolates to gumpaste flowers....RI flowers...Hand-painted gumpaste hearts.... It was a huge amount of work. There were 29 dozen cupcakes. I charged $3 per....and that was way under what they should have been. Never again.
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