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I'm sure they are heartbroken at the moment and find it amazing that the first people they think about are their employees!!!Mary and wishes to both of you. I'm sure you will come back bigger and stronger!!!
I always ask a potential client what THEIR budget is.I then describe what they can get for that kind of budget.I like to know exactly what ballpark they are in before I go into detail about my charges. If the job isn't worth turning my oven on, I don't take it.I'd rather do something else than give my work away for free.
Next time cut and put servings on plates.Sometimes people are afraid to cut into a cake if they are not sure how to serve it. Many have never seen a cake that "leans" and aren't quite sure how to manage it.
What is the location and other details?You can always take the train into either Grand Central or go into Hoboken and take the PATH into Manhattan, if that is where the convention is.
NYCake is in Manhattan.It is around 21st street I think?Look it up online.
If you are baking with cake mixes you HAVE to check the ingredients, especially for a "special" order for a health issue.I bake from scratch but check the list of ANY ingredients I'm adding in.I also tell my clients that I am using pans,mixing bowls,etc that have come into contact with nuts, milk..etc. I am a fanatic about washing all of my equipemtn but still give that disclaimer.In this "sue them" world you just can't be too careful.
Just tell her you don't have the oven capacity to make an 18" round and that when you suggested that size it was for a dummy.Offer to make a 14" cutter cake for her extra servings.There is no easy way to tell her your oven can't take an 18" pan other than to just get it out there.
You are probably talking about Margaret Braun. She does work out of her kitchen, it is tiny and she keeps it at 60degrees at all times.NY is tough on bakers from homes. They like to collect their fees and will tax you to death for everything.
Another leftie here.You see my screen name? I'm getting better at fondant. Practice..practice..lots of tears and frustration.Keep at it.If cake decorating were easy everyone would be doinig it.I hate every cake I've ever made. I look at the mistakes and constantly think about how it could have been better. Then I deliver it and see the joy on the clients face and feel better about myself and my creations.Trial and error are the key. You will learn how to do something...
For a $700 cake a $100 deposit is not enough.I get half at the time of the order and no refunds given.I make them "invest" in their cake. Many may blow off a $100 deposit but when you start talking about $350 or more it makes a difference.Payment in full is due a week before the event. I don't get it they get a phone call that if I don't hear from them or get final payment within 24 hours their order is cancelled and their deposit is mine.
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