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You know another problem might be your house could be too hot. I know I've turned off the air when it was nice one day and my frosting came off my cake too. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what was happening and then the next day it dawned on me that the house was probably too hot. Put your a/c up to at least 73ish and see if that might help. Make sure you refridgerate the cake when completed to. HTH Good luck!
My own personal opinion would be a big golf cake for your Grandpa. Everyone is coming down to celebrate it and 70 comes around only once! Make it extra special for him and he'll appreciate it. Then you can make a little Christmas cake but the 70th should be the showstopper. Good luck with what you decide!
Personally I haven't had lemon cake with chocolate. But I just got an order for this weekend for a lemon cake with milk chocolate. I think it sounds disgusting too but I guess their are weird taste buds out there. Mine is just for a small birthday though. I too wonder if anyone out there actually made this combination and how did it turn out? I hope someone responds!
My vote would be yellow cake with milk chocolate filling and chocolate cake with cookies-n-cream filling (find in recipe section). Good luck!
It seems like she probably felt guilty that she was getting that awesome of a cake for such little price. Sometimes people are quite and want to get away with a steal.Don't think that your cake wasn't good though. It looks completely flawless and to incorporate those colors and the saying - all I can say is PERFECTION!!! Awesome job - Stop kicking yourself over it!!
How about a green pudding filling with alien "body parts" in it? The body parts could be gummy bears or something like that. So when they get a slice they will be surprised to get guts. Not sure if that is too gross. Just thought I would throw it out there. Good luck!
I have to agree with mkolmar. You should put the word cake or bakery somewhere like her suggestions. For a second, I was thinking of the wedding favors or something.Good luck - I like the concept of being the centerpiece of the party! It's so true!
I wear glasses and I hate them. They look dumpy and they bother your nose after wearing them all day. Also I have a stigmatism (?spelling) in my eyes AND I hate putting anything near my eyes. That is why I haven't had the surgery yet either. If you want my vote it would be for CONTACTS!Good luck!
I agree, it is 10-12 servings.
Thanks for the laugh!TrinaH - I know you forgot to take a picture of the final cake but what did you end up doing?? Did the clients like it?? I'm sure they did.
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