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Hi All,I am searching for ideas on how to color fondant leaves to get the multi-colored fall look. I have an airbrush, if that is the answer. Thanks for the help.Steve
I frost them right before applying the fondant. Then there is no crusting. As far as fillings, I dont mix them with the butter cream. I make a buttercream "well" around the cake and then put the filling in. Customers seem to like the fact that some seeps into the cake. I always refridgerate my cakes after they are done, regardless. That is my opinion, which probably isnt the right one, but it works for me.
I used this recipe and substituted hazelnuts (chopped fine) for the pecans. It was very, very good.
i prefer the icing sheets over wafers, etc. Frosting and icing sheets are the same. The have a thin layer of icing applied to a backing sheet. You then remove them from the backing sheet and place on the cake. they make beautiful pictures and you can cut them if you need too. They are a little tricky (i've learned my lessons), but once you learn the do's and dont's they are very easy to use. I use icing images icing sheets for any photo cake application and have had...
i use a minute amount of blue to get a light pastel blue color. for girls i use a really light pink. Baby cakes are always pastel to me. When the little one comes home from the hospital the color of their jammies is always a light blue or pink not a vivid color.
I think you may have baked the cake too long. A brownie cake should be removed from the oven when the toothpick comes out with some sticky residue on it. This will keep the brownie/cake chewy. if left in too long they will be crumbly and very dry. That is what I have found anyway.
I figure 10 servings per cake mix used. I know this is large, but I add filling and people always want more. If I do a character cake I do a base 1/2 sheet using two mixes and the character 1 mix. I tell them it feeds 30. If they want to feed 50 I stack 3 2-mix half sheets. I believe it is always better to have too much than too little. Charge accordingly. The aforementioned 50 person cake I would charge $50-$60 for it depending on the design, etc. Wilton pieces...
talk to the teacher. back when i took the classes my teacher would let you make up the class the next month.
i cut them right after they print and apply them wherever. It is quite simple. Hint the warmer it is in your work area the harder it is because they will get too soft really quick.
Hey luster dusters. Help me with this. I bought some of the wilton gold, silver, etc. dust. How do you use it? do you mix with buttercream icing or apply to the top?
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