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I know there has been discussion on this, but I really need an informed opinion by someone who has done this. I have just completed icing a cake and have used cream cheese icing. I am covering it shortly in fondant (cake is due tomorrow) can I put a fondant covered cake in the fridge? what about condensation when I take it out?
I am mamking gerbera daisies and am having a problem with the center design. Doesanyone have a turorial or any advice of how to make them. I am using fondant/gumpaste for the petals.
I need to do augergine roses for a wedding cake. I will be making fondant/gumpaste rosesand would like to know where I can get this color gel, powder, or whatever to achievethis dark color. I'm sure someone must have needed this at sometime. I recently did a wedding cakebut couldn't achieve the right tint. Is there a gel this color or do I need to mix it and shadewith dust? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had no idea. I was just on the very same website as you and read the info. I'm with you. No fresh calla lilies on this cake.Thank you again.
You're kidding. I thought I have seen them on cakes. On the cakes I've done I've always made the callas. Bridge wants fresh. What do I do????Should I take the chance?
I need to place fresh calla lillies in three places on the edges of the cake tiers. What is the best way to place the calla's on the cake. What do you use to attach the fresh flowers. It is a small 2 tier cake so there is not alot or room. The flowers will be grouped and put in a spot on the edge of the cake tiers. How do I hold them i place? I've worked with gumpaste flowers but this has to be different.
I want to give gumpaste/fondant shells a pearlized look for a wedding cake. I will be tinting very slightly and want a pretty soft sheen for the shells. What do you suggest I use both for the tinting and the sheen?
Thanks sillywabbitz. I didnt' think of mixing and usng a squareon the bottom. That may work for me. I was thinking of using a 14, 10, 8, 6, but the 14, 12, 9, 6 may look better. I'll do like you said and try it out first with dummies.
Very thoughtful. Thank you. I'll check it out.
Thank vgray. These will help. It's more the look of the cakes in relation to one another that I am concerned with. I want a sleek look. For this cake the ledge with is not really uppermost since I won't be doing flowers, but shells. Its for a beach wedding. Again thank you.
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