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I agree with cakesdivine! I love, love, LOVE the shopping list generator!
Nope. I've used both the matrix and CakeBoss, and have to say CakeBoss is much better. I was lucky enough to be a Beta tester for the new version, and it was super helpful. Is it pricey? Yeah. But it is worth it. Just about any software designed to make doing business easier will be expensive. DH is a custom pool builder, and we are saving close to $1500 for accounting and drafting software that will help streamline that business, too.
I did one last year, and I also worried about it looking silly, but when all was said and done I really liked it.
Unfortunately, no. Senator Ogden wanted the bill to pass in the House before he would take it to the Senate.
Interesting take on this House session:
I don't think there is a next step to this current bill. The next step is to take a breather, and get to work on the next one."I'm so unhappy" messages to your own reps can help a bit. Getting the media to cover why so many bills died last night, and the utter unconcern of the reps about it, will result in reps getting a lot more "I'm so unhappy" messages from their constituents. This means, either they shape up, or lose the next election.I agree with Amia, the...
Emails and such to your reps as well as your local media should also be in order. The death of our bill and all these others was largely in part to wasted time. All those Congratulatory Resolutions, welcoming so-and-so to the chamber, asking of pointless questions, being consistently late to start the day, and after each break, and such shenanigans were unnecessary with a deadline looming. In every article covering that bills would die, nothing was mentioned as to the...
Do it! Do it! After diamonds bails you out, I'll hide you before you flee for the border!Despite how tonight ends, thank you Kelley, for all of this. I'll have some staph kolaches, and a norovirus tamale cake, with my seasonal swine flu filling, ready for you when you go on the run!
Their ignorance seems to be the biggest reason for wasted time.
Yes. I'm hoping, given the comments, that the FINALLY realize they need to move faster, they are planning on working w/o a break.
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