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I love to use thread or dental floss to layer my cakes.Even though I'm pretty good at layering evenly,this is super quick and will work on a large cake when my knife will not reach from side to side.
Can anyone offer any input on making a nice lime green?I have leaf green and I have yellow but I'm not sure about what ratio to use.Just thought I'd get some advice before messing up some precious icing.I hate having to throw out any.Thanks!
Does anyone have any tips for colouring my MMF without totally staining my hands?Can I mix the colour in my mixer?Any help out there?
I need a recipe for a white icing that won't taste as sweet and rich as my usual butercream.I'm still gonna use my buttercream for decorating but need a lighter icing to flat ice my cake.Ther are too many recipes to choose from on here.Any suggestions that would work for me. Thanks.
Those are amazing cakes!!! I can't imagine how long you would spend making them. WILD
I have just made the MM fondant for the first time.Can I mold baby booties with it? If so, any helpful directions would be great thanks.
If you don't happen to have a ball pan,you can use stainless steel mixing bowls for baking.If you get a set there are quite a few sizes in it.They are a little flat on the bottom but when you ice it,you'd never know. Just a thought.
I'll be sure to have a drink for each of you just to be fair. I've seen the spermie molds online, they're really cute. I don't have time to get them for this cake but may order them later.I've also looked into getting penis and boob pans.There is no place in my area that does erotic cakes and I think there's a real market for them.During my years of working in a bakery doing cakes, I've done quite a few nudie cakes.We'll see. I'll be sure to update about the cake and...
The cake looks great! I think I will go with a sperm type theme. This girl should have some birth control methods trying to block the sperm on her cake. I'll be sure to post a picture when I get it figured out. Thanks!
A friend of ours is having her third baby(each from a different father.) The shower won't be typical. It's in the bar above the strip club where she waitresses,live band,drinking etc. Most of the people there work at the bar as dancers, servers, security. Any ideas on a funny kind of cake I can make? I was thinking of maybe sperm swimming across the cake and something about the boys making it through again. This may offend alot of you but this crowd is a little different....
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