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Can anyone please help a gal out here?TIA
For those of you who use and print edible images I have a question about the page sizes and the actual print area.I need to have some printed and was told the sheets were 8x11, but then I noticed the box said 7.5 x 10". I know it has to allow for printing and peeling off space, so I'm curious if that is the standard size. What sizes to you work with and what's the actual prnting size? I need to re-do my image file to adjust the size.I want to print several vintage...
Do you have craigslist or a similar type site in Canada? I found a 6qt Professional KA for $150 and that's what I use now for small mixes.
Hi Girls,Just thought I'd relate my experience with this group of scamers this week. You may have heard about it or have even been contacted by "her".I received an e-mail from this person saying that she was interested in having me make her wedding cake to serve 300 people. She wanted it packed in separate boxes and had arranged for a courier to pick it up to deliver it to Toronto Canada.I found this fishy and odd from the get go because when I told her I wasn't...
I was just coming here to ask the same.I have never been successfull at baking cupies out of my yellow or chocolate recipes...I do however use cake flour, so maybe I should use regular flower for the cupcakes to help them be heavier and help the rise nicely?Also, do you all use the standard size cupcake molds and liners?Which scoop size do you use to get the right amount?TIA
Mi hermana esta buscando hacer un cake para el quince de mi sobrina y me pregunto si alguien aqui vive en Caguas y tiene experiencia con fondant. Se inclina hacia uno or topsy turvy or uno con iPod, celular, talvez un bola de volleyball ya que la nena juega con las criollitas, ambos coloridos. Es para el 30 de enero.
Same here...that is all I use and never had a problem. Always wait until your cake is nicely chilled before you cover in fondant.
Thanks for sharing...I have a view or idea of what I would want, but don't have quite the room for it yet. I'm trying to get my DH to give up a private room for my cake stuff...otherwise, I would take over the living room, set it up like the Cake Girls studio and then the other half would be divided by furniture or by panel dividers for my design area.Can't wait...How tall is your folding table/surface where you roll fondant?
I am in the process of setting up/fixing up my studio and am stuck with the table now. I've found several good used ones on Craigslist, but most are 30" high. (Stainless steel) It seems to be high enough to roll out fondant comfortable and sit to decorate.What about set up? I'm thinking of having drawers for my cutters and molds and others for gumpaste flowers.Would you please share pictures of your setup? Thanks!
Here in NYC you need to have insurance to rent out a kitchen.
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