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Wow...what I would give to have a separate room for cakes! I love the colors—fun feeling. Keep us posted on your progress of the room! Would love to see how it turns out in the end.
Ok thanks, I should have asked that question in the beginning. I have in the past use just milk chocolate chips.
Thanks...I will try fact, I'm willing to try anything at this point!
Can someone give a good recipe or hints for a chocolate to coat truffle balls evenly. Everytime I just melt milk chocolate in a pan in a double boiler the chocolate is too thick to coat evenly. Help! Thanks!
I use adobe photoshop. HTH!
CONGRATS! Wow, it looks great, and I'm sure it tasted even better! I would like step-by-step directions!
[i]According to[/i] [b]addiction: [/b]Habitual psychological and physiological dependence on a substance or practice beyond one's voluntary control.I can control night when I'm in bed sleeping.
I never made that filling before. However, with the ingredients listed, I definitely would because of the milk in it.HTHShannon
Sorry about that... here is the picture.
Hello everyone~This is my very first post. I'm mainly a lurker but decided to give this Father's Day cookie theme a shot. Don't bash me too bad! My dad is a huge John Deere fan and owner of most machinery-what more than John Deere cookies for him.Rolled fondant on chocolate no fail cookies is the tractor and rolled fondant with runny royal icing as the deer.
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