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I need a recipe that I can use to make a magicians hat. I never made an eggless cake but from what I read they do not hold there shape and are very crumbly. Just wondering if anyone has a fabulous recipe out there they could shareThanks Maria
I need something to write on a cake for an 80's themed birthday party for a 32 year old woman. Any ideas welcome. Like totally TIA Maria
What are the sizes of the cakes? That would be helpful with pricing.
I would like to do cupcakes and want to know which tip people like. Which decorating tip and how to use it. TIA Maria
wgoat5I can't get the link to that is won't come up. Thanks I'm already searching the net for the bargains.
Anyone have the low down on the websites with the best prices on cake drums/plates and supplies. I don't know if this has been talked about lately I couldn't find any in the forums when I searched the topic.I have one for cake dummies fair prices and fast delivery heard about it here on CC foward to seeing where the deals areTIA Maria
I had given many other options for a shoe that would be similar but she just wanted that particular shoe that just cannot be made life size in gumpaste. It had to that shoe and I just couldn't make it . And that makes me mad too because I could have made something nice she just wanted me to spend hours and hours on it and give it to her for free.
This cake has so much negative energy for me and I am just not in the right frame of mind. I just need some CC emotional support. This was not the original design. It was to be a lavender cake with cream swags topped with a designer high heel pump. I received the details this past Monday (which I was asking for them for 3 weeks)and by the next day I knew I I couldn't make the shoe she wanted and I needed to get more supplies. But they did not want to pay extra for the...
Well I do appreciate the ideas but it is for a bridal shower. The shoe was a designer pump.
What would you charge for a life size gumpaste 4'' heel pump. a christian louboton(sp?) shoe the one with the red sole. TIA Maria
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