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Just to be clear, I said:"The best advice in the world is going to be disregarded if it is delivered accompanied by a slap rather than a smile." Which is not referring to any one person or post, and is clearly a metaphor, as no one on Cake Central can reach through the screen and slap another person. It's also great advice which I think everyone could stand to hear from time to time, including myself. I run a large, busy Facebook page and I sometimes find myself answering...
Well I think your advice is not legally sound, but I didn't wake up this morning thinking I would spend my day beating my head against a wall, so I'll bow out. Bottom line, guys: Don't sell copyrighted or trademarked cakes without obtaining written permission from the owner.
In my opinion, the ability to run a business vs. personal tolerance for hostile advice on The Internets are not related.
I was agreeing with someone who gave constructive feedback. The best advice in the world is going to be disregarded if it is delivered accompanied by a slap rather than a smile.
CWR41, I just wanted to say that was incredibly generous of you to do that.
With all due respect, the Wilton character pans are officially licensed, too. The "For Home Use Only" stamp is just a courtesy warning, it's not a binding contract. The issue is that you are reproducing a copyrighted or trademarked image.
Your cottage food operation would have to be operated completely from your residence. I guess you could also maintain your license and commercial kitchen as a separate business, but that sounds like a headache. If you already have your whole business set up commercially, it would make sense to continue that way, without all the restrictions applied to cottage food operators.The law defines a cottage food operation as being in a residence.SEC. 7. Section 113758 is added...
That is like one million times improved. You must have been up all night. Well done.
And while I'm not a lawyer, I am thinking that the old "you must make the Deco-Pac cake exactly as it is shown in the photo" trope may also be a Contract of Adhesion, and may not hold much water. When you buy something that comes with a built-in contract like that, you didn't sign anything, you didn't bargain for anything, you just bought the item. Conditions can't be imposed on how you use it. You bought it! I really like Tabberone's site. She's not a lawyer either, but...
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