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Mine is not special in any way... I just love kitties and thought this was one of the cutest I have seen on the web.
Oh wow!!! Guess I'll be trying all of these wonderful sounding recipes. My family loves banana bread.Thank you all for sharing.
I hope everything goes well! Don't forget to let us know how things turned out.
LOL, oh no I totally took it as a joke! no worries here.You're cake really turned out nice! Be proud of your wonderful accomplishment! And maybe I'll see you at the fair next year (if I can come out of my shell).
Sue, that is exactly how I think I felt... as I said I have cakes to decorate!! I think you hit it on the nail! You all are Wonderful!!!I'm very much taking care of myself at this moment. Now I have to start thinking about my daughter's birthday this Saturday! Feel the blood pressure rising already!! Oh and did I mention my niece's sweet 16th birthday on the 9th??
Hey, what are you trying to say about us chickens! Congratulations on your outstanding cake! Everyone did a great job. I was hoping to attend but am still dealing with my new medication.Was there a lot of people who entered the different categories?Congrats again!(sorry missed the part where you said how many cakes were entered)
Yeah, you!! It does look wonderful. It's nice to see someone who is actually happy with their creation.Congrats!
Okay, I feel like a wimp... I just couldn't enter - my heart wasn't in it and I have absolutely no talent (yet). I will be there to see everyone's cakes though, wouldn't miss that for anything!!Good Luck to you all!!!See you at the Fair.
They both turned out wonderful. And yes remind them of the great deal the got!Good job, I especially like the chocolate one, it does sound heavenly.
Thank you all for your kind words...My Mom was just glad I was okay... Saw my doctor today and everything is looking good, blood pressure is still stable and I'm feeling fine. I'm a SAHM, who would've thought you could get stressed being at home with three kids!Thank you again!
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