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Hi Kelley:I bought the original software many years ago, I tried playing with it but I didn't quite figured it out.When the new update came, I got a free beta version and then when I didn't update it didnt go back to normal.Since then I have changed computers and I am thinking about upgrading. Can I still do that?Thanks
I would use a toothbrush dipped in gel white color and sprinkle on top. Try it on a piece of fondant first to see if you like the effect. good luck
I once heard that somebody had done it with crisco instead of butter then added butter flavor.I read that somewhere but not sure if it worked or not, good luck
Thanks for posting
I'd love to try it
Maybe looking a this picture you can figure how to do it, I would just do a figure 8 with half gumpaste half fondant and then letting it dry to the shape of my liking
It is the industry standar
There you go:
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I would make my own mold.
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