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Hi Everyone   Since it is the season for sharing, I thought I would share something that came through my inbox this afternoon.  Icing Inspirations is having a stock up sale this weekend - you can save  25% off your order and get free worldwide shipping if your order is more than $200.  I love shopping there.....time to buy ourselves what we really want for Christmas!  LOL
Just curious if any Cake Central members will be attending Cake Carnival at Icing Inspirations this November.  Maybe we could arrange to all wear a name tag with our CC names or do a group dinner.....
I have started my official countdown! 55 days until James and Marina offer their Haute Couture Cakes class at Icing Inspirations in Kitchener, Ontario. This is the first time the dynamic cake duo are teaching together here! Are any other CC members going?
Does anyone have instructions on how to make Snapdragons? TIA!
Jennifer Dontz will be in Ottawa - not a far drive
check out decorate the cake - great prices, great shipping and AMAZING customer service!
Anyone who has taken a class with Jennifer Dontz knows how extremely talented she is. SHe has FINALLY launched a new DVD that focuses on Roses and Stephanotis, and was gracious enough to allow me to interview her for my blog! If you would like to learn Jen's flower techniques, I really recommend this DVD!
If you're doing one like Mike McCarey's Flour Confections carries the feather veiner that he made. The also carry his line of modelkling chocolate.
Are you printing your own? If so, Luck's is great! If not, try looking on ebay or etsy.
Sombuds, PM me with your email address and I can send you my notes from the Alan Dunn class I took where we learned Parrot Tulips
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