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Happy Birthday. Hope it's wonderful.
Just wanted to wish all my fellow Canadian cakers here a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. Hope everyone enjoys their holiday long weekend with family and friends.
I get a flyer every 2 weeks. It comes in my Friday paper. I've also seen it once or twice as an add in the regular section of the paper with a coupon. Should be one coming out at the end of this week. Sometimes they have special extra coupons for holiday weekends.I have also overheard sales associates in the store say they honour coupons if you tell them and have a list for you to sign.
One layer should be just fine if you make it really thick. How many does it need to feed? Ok. Just checked, it's about 1 1/2 inches on the ends and about 2 -2 1/2 at the thickest part.
I would add 1 box vanilla pudding and a touch of yellow colouring as well. (you can see it in the mix)
HI!It's roughly 12x18 and I use 3 BC mixes (about 4 cups) to make sure it is really full. So I would say 11-12 cups. You will end up trimming some off but IMO the book looks so much better when it is fuller(thicker)
Thanks Jackie. I thought I was losing my mind there for a while. Good to know it wasn't just me!!
Thanks for giving me this sweet avitar. You are so kind.Lynn
Here's the link to the previous posting. this is what you were looking for.Lynn
Hi! I just posted the cake I made for my s-i-l father's b-day. He is a photography nut so this was fitting. It can go with the scrapbooking theme. this helps. Lynn
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