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there are two that are great the first one is 285 Newfield Ave, Hartford, CT, US, 06106 · (860) 953-4118 called the party warehouse  they started carrying satin ice   second one is in meridian a little small shop but they have a lot of stuff 244 Hall Ave, Meriden, CT, US, 06450 · (203) 634-1716
Seriously buddy...don't complain about the cost when you keep giving me criteria that drives it me help you! omg this so true of a line , I get customers all the time wanting a cake so they give me details and i explain the more u want on the cake the more money its going to be , so they continue and when i give the final price OH NO i cant do that its out of my budget lol. hahahh screw them NEXT client please , we all get those wonderful clients and some of...
thanks for sharing yea the video is long
thank you everyone , it was a very nerve wrecking thing to do but im glad to do it ,
hello all , i just wanted to share my joy with all of yous , I enter in the CT cake Competition and challenge show, and I got 2nd PLACE for my cake awesome this was my first real cake comp and was surprise , so kudos to me yeaaa lol.
I used the bubble straws for all my cakes now i hated the wooden dowels since they where hard to cut regardless which ever cutters u have never the same level size, i put more then one straw in my cakes very supportive and they also are cheaper a bag of 50 for 99cents cant beat that good luck
oh man can i relate to this I had a new customer hit me up they wanted a 3 tier cake with brown and blue stripes with a gold edible shoe on the top and the cake to be carrot cake , ok sounds simple for me to do so i gave them a price of 225 ( i charge for delivery ) and no reply until 2 weeks later , they said they will go with someone else, i said fine good luck with that WOW factor for under 50 , now my request from anyone is i tell them i dont do STOP AND SHOP prices (...
i did it I try the rkt and I DIDNT like it ( just because i didnt know what i was doing ) but its something i wont give up on ill try it again some day but it work out ok . thanks for the tips
yes , its sad how some wont say thank you ( when they are copying ) I take it as an appreciation and thank my self for allowing it, we are all here to learn from each other and pick each other brains lol. I enjoy what I do and welcome to share and inspire
Hi cake central bakers, cake decorators, ETC. I want to take the time and SAY Thank you all for your cakes, ideas, hints , etc. I have given credit when credit is Due, and I want to thank you all for allowing me to create some thing special for people.Because of all of you's whom taken the time and display your most beautiful work of art and allowing me to recreate it for my use to share with others here, so if I dont say thank you fast enough just know Its an honor to be...
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