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Here's a Click Clack. They carry them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
Does anyone use Click-Clack cannisters?
What method does everyone use for keeping moisture out of the cannisters they store their sugars in? I've heard lots of rumors, but need a good method. Thanks!
It went over well. People even ate the fondant!
This was for my annual tournament of champions that I hosted today. It's where all of my monthly winners come back to see who's best. I made an 8" square cake and an 8" round that I cut in half to make a holdem shaped table. It's covered in green buttercream and has a black fondant padded rail around the table. The cards are fondant with edible markings. The chips are just candy cake toppers. In case you were wondering, the person with pocket fives won with a...
Gotcha. I'm starting to understand the difference. As long as I can paper towel the thing without stickies, I'm happy!
What I used last night was the class recipe with half white Challenge butter and half Crisco, whole milk instead of water, 1 tsp vanilla, 10 drops of Lorann, meringue powder, and no salt. I was able to smooth it using the paper towel method without any sticking. That's why I said that it had crusted. I thought it would have to be pretty crusty to stand up to paper towel smoothing. Maybe that is just a good set and not a full crust. I don't know.
The icing recipe? It's class BC (milk instead of water) with half Crisco and half something we have here in Texas called Challenge brand butter. It's a white butter. My half and half crusted just like class BC. I did the half and half class recipe with 1 tsp of vanilla and 10 drops of Lorann champagne (per 3 cups icing). That's it!
I did a pretty simple experiment last night. I did a batch of class BC and class BC with 1/2 crisco and 1/2 butter (white Challenge butter) to compare the crusting. To me, they crusted exactly the same. FYI
Oh my gosh. I just tried the 6" sample cake I made alongside this one. Oh my gosh. It tastes so good. The champagne accompanies the strawberries perfectly. I want to eat the whole thing.
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