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Thankyou everyone. I have learned alot fromm all of you. I guess my first step will be to do some research and try to find the "Cake Bible". Once I try it for the first time I will let you all know how I made out. I am excited about trying a new recipe from scratch and learning as much as possible so my first stop is the library. Again thank you all you are all the reason I love CC so much
First I want to say thank you to everyone that responded. I will definately look into the web site and find the book. Secondly I should add that yes I have been making cakes for 13 yrs but i am self taught and only make them for family and friends. I don't sell them. This is why I am trying to find information I keep thinking more and more about how I would love to start my own cake business but I want to make my OWN cakes created from my own recipes and never made one...
Ok I have been making cakes for about 13 yrs but I always use store bought cake mixes. I want to learn how to make cakes from scratch. I have no idea how much of each ingredients or what are the best ingredients to use. I would also like to come up with my own flavors but how do you know what and how much of each ingredient to use? Please help and tell me any tips or ideas you may have that you can share with me.. Thank you
Punkin90 I tried your method and it worked great. I think a 9" would be much better so that is what I am going to do. Thank you again. I will def keep this method in my mind for next time.KoryAK thank you I have to do a 9" so I have room for the topper its a good size topper and they also want another little one on it with the topper. I don't think it would all fit on a 8"...
Thank you Punkin90. I am going to try this. It's a great idea.
Hi I am making a 3 teired cake and I really need help. I thought I would do 14" square, 12"round sitting on top then spaced with a 10" for the top teir. I am not sure this is the proper size. I am positive i want to use the 14 and 12 just not sure what the top layer should be..Please help..
I have just left it alone and it dried just took alot longer than it normally does. Thank you for all the suggestions this is why i love this site<3
Thank you bran1981 that helps alot. I will try the cornstarch I am out of confectioners sugar. hope it works out soon or it won't be ready for sunday...Again thannk you very much
yes everything was grease free. I am wondering if it could be the weather i live in southern vermont and this summer we are having really hot temps today is 82 and very humid would this effect it?Could i add a couple of egg white to use as a thickening agent?
letsgetcaking I made a 3d elmo out of RKT. The royal icing is just soft doesn't seem to want to harden I left some on a plate to test it for about 4 hrs and it's still the same consistency is was when I put it on the plate.
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