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Just wondering how others tackle transporting cakes when the weather heats up?
I also live in Illinois. I am located near Martinsville, just off Interstate 70. I just purchased a building to be placed on my property to enable me to have a seperate commercial kitchen. We are in the early stages of health department approval and utility hookups. I have done cakes for friends and family for about six years and finally took the plunge to do it as a business. In Clark county where I reside, you must have a seperate kitchen. To the north of me in...
Does anyone know of any other sites to purchase used cake equip? Besides Ebay. I have looked on Ebay and I feel like it has become too commercialized to get any savings. I am not a professional decorator and am in the market for the Wilton Garden cake stand. I think it is a beautiful presentation piece, but can't afford a new one. Please let me know if any other sites you can think of. thank you
My grandmother decorated cakes for over 23 years and probably was very frustrated with me when I requested cherry pie for my birthday. Now that I have grown up, I still cherish her pie and choose it over cake everytime. Especially since I am usually elbow deep in cakes myself!!!!As far as storage.......what's that? I live in a 1000 square foot home with my husband and 3 year old twin daughters, plus one hyperactive Boston Terrier. I store all my cake goodies in my...
Where do most of you find your cookie cutters? I have seen so many different kinds in the gallery and wondered where you bought them? What size cookie is normally used for the bouquets? Thank you I have always done cakes, but am obsessed with trying my hand at cookies. Totally inspired by you all!!
Just wondering if there is anyone from my area posting on this site?
I am scheduled to do a wedding cake in May 07 and the bride has picked out a particular cake from the Wilton book "A Treasury of Wilton Wedding Cakes". It is the cake titled "Black Tie". page 49. I am wondering how to attach the ribbon to the square cake without messing up the corners. Is there a secret to getting such square corners on the ribbon? I have practiced the square corners on the cake and have that looking good but cannot seem to get the ribbon tight enough...
I have been asked to do a funny new driver cake for a boy turning 16 next weekend. I am wondering if anyone knows of a clipart website that might have some funny pictures of possibly teeenage drivers or "reckless" drivers. Or does anyone have any other ideas or pictures they could share. Thank you so much.
I am donating a cake for an after prom party. The theme of the prom is Southern charm...does anyone have any ideas for a sheet cake. I need to feed approzimately 70 people. I thought about doing a sheet cake of some kind and then doing a couple of the doll cakes with the wonder mold pans so they would have the big dresses and I could add bonnets and such to them. The sheet cake is throwing me for a loop though. Any ideas would help. Thank you
My grandmother who decorated cakes for 20+ years passed the tip of adding a spec of blue to the icing to make it crystal white. I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I saw her do it. I use the Wilton royal blue color and it works great.
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