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i buy alot of cake kits & figurines and that is a time saver for me. the shop that i purchase my supplies from sells flowers and i will more than likely purchase some from them when necessary. I do not know how to make gumpaste flowers yet.
i have only done two wedding cakes and they were for family. thankfully they didn't want a stacked cake, i used the 3 level cake stand so that made it easier for set up.i love making celebration cakes especially cakes for kids they are not hard to please!
i've started going to the paper product supply store.the cake boards, doilies, cup cake trays and boxes are less than a dollar
i use duncan hines cake mixi also use a packet of dream whip, this makes the cakes light, fluffy and it helps it to rise a lil more
town lake cakes gets my vote. i like the tlc slogan
what about "renee's sweet tooth"?
this is basically what i do...freeze until almost solidwrap numerous times in saran wrapplace in ziploc freezer bagplace in cake boxwrap the box in numerous layers of saran wrap
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