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Thank you Bonnie151. It is similar but not the one that I had seen. It will definitely give me an idea of how to do one. It really is a beautiful cake.
I would do 30 cakes the same because after the 10th cake the next 20 will be a snap to whip together. Keep it simple, white with the flowers (or whatever decoration) the same color scheme as the rest of the decorations. It will also save you time doing them all the same as you will have everything ready to go all at once instead of stopping and redoing a different fondant, royal icing etc. I do agree that 8" cakes are too big and 6" cakes (I'm assuming they will be two...
I have been looking for a picture of the tiered wedding cake that looks like a wedding dress. It used pearl pins down the back to look like buttons. I have searched for two days now and can't seem to find it. Can anyone help me?
I don't think to introduce yourself should be a prerequisite for getting information. They did respond with a please and thank you and their username should have shown up when you received the e-mail. For me it wouldn't bother me as I will likely NEVER EVER meet the person so to go through the schtick of introducing yourself for a ONE TIME E-MAIL seems a little bit absurd. Like everyone else, they have joined this site for information and since time is a factor in...
They have too much money and too much time!!!
Happy Canada Day from Golden BC!!!
I don't agree at all with slamming/name calling the kids as some of the posts have done. They are being taught/molded by the parent so I think all the slamming should be going towards the mother for letting her kids go wild and not doing anything about it. I do agree, however, with letting her go to the news and I would encourage her to do so. Free advertising is free advertising no matter how it comes about. The news people would likely look at ther like she was...
Needs some fuzz around the mouth. Really cute though.
Just point out that the ineternet has a wealth of information on whatever they are looking for. I for one will not share secrets when someone wants to know. I just point them in the direction of the computer 'cause that is where I found the info in the first place!
I have found out the hard way NOT to design anything for a customer until they have given a deposit. One person came and asked me to do a cake and if I wouldn't mind doing up a sketch what it may look like. Did the sketch and never heard from them again. They may have given the design to someone else to do or they may have done it themselves, regardless of what happened, it all takes time and as we all know time is money.
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