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thanks so much guys.
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew how this icing holds up to being frozen. I am making a wedding cake and the wedding is 2 hours away from where I live. I wanted to be able to freeze the cake for a day or so and take it out just as i was leaving to go there. Just not sure if this icing is ok to be frozen or not and how it reacts when it comes back up to room temp. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I came across this cake in the cake gallery. This is a cute idea
Tripletmom, I bought my supplies from the states. Tastyfoto art. In total i spent i think around 70 for the ink a paper, and then I had to spend another 15 when i picked it up from the post office. I think next time I will try kopycake, I heard there products are good. I am not sure what the edible paper is suppose to be like, but it seems a little thick to me but this is the first time I have bought some.I am not sure where in Canada that you can buy these items, if...
I have a canon IP 1500 that I use for my edible images. I got it from Walmart for $70 canadian. It works great.
thanks for the info guys, i will check those places out.
Hello everyone, I was just wondering if there is anyone from Canada that could tell me where they get there airbrush colors from. I checked out 2 sites from the states and they wanted waaay too much for shipping. Kopykake would only send orders of $20 or more so with shipping it was gonna cost $63 american for 2 items and the other site I can't remember what one was $11 for the colors and $20 for shipping. So if anyone could help me out that would be great. Thanks so much!
I have seen it at pretty much all magazine racks and at the magazine sections at book stores. Hope you find it, good luck!
thanks so much, thats what I will do then, bake now, ice laterthanks again
my daughter pre-school is have a bake sale at the end of the month and I wanted to do a variety of cookies. I was just wondering how well they freeze decorated and if it would rune the decorating after it started to thaw. I would like to put them in bags for the sale, not sure if I should do them up and freeze them in the bags of in containers. Thanks in advance for any advice
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