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                                    I've made several guitar cakes over the years. I don't even try to use cake in the neck. I make the body of the guitar cake and the neck out of Styrofoam. I keep a pattern for the neck and one for the body. You can design several types of guitars,   I cut and sand the neck to resemble the real deal. Cover it with fondant making sure the seams are on the bottom. Depending on the style you can make it as...
I have to make a cake for a soldier. The wife wants them to be authenic as possible. But, I don't think cake will work. Maybe RC covered with fondant. Has anyone done this before, Any ideas?Nixacakelady
We use just alittle water, just damp. too much and the fondant get too sticky and tears easy. Good Luck!
I have to build a stadium cake in about a week. Does anyone know of a picture or website that shows one? I have an idea of starting with a flat sheets, squaring them building up the rear wall areas into bleechers and green area. It has to appear to be like the new Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Not the entire stadium just the a hint of it...... ideas.....
I have to make a cup cake stand. does anyone have any designs or plans.
We've been doing some great looking cakes using fondant. But we've noticed that the fondant gets real gooie, slimy between layers and as you peel it off.. Is that normal?question #2, what is the best fondant, "wilton, satin????? We put butter cream icing on our cakes before putting on the fondant. What do you do?????
Going to make a hang bag cake that hopefully looks like a Louie Viton purse. Never done a stand up bag. Need some suggestions! Thinking I will stack multi-thin layers reinforced with small dowels. Suggestions please!!!!!!
I use Wilton fondant. We do about 30 fondant wedding cakes a year and find that most brides don't care what the fondant taste like. They want the look. Some brides flavor their fondant, the most used is champagne. I have used the Satin Ice chocolate and must say its great. Taste like a tootie roll. I too use the coupons from Hobby Lobby to get the best deal.
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