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Good idea. I found one that will work... thanks!
What I mean is, one of those pretty ones that has a place for "screws" on the sides...
I was wondering if someone could share a name plate template? I want to put the name "Jill" on the front of a cake on a template. For some reason, I can't seem to find one.
Great ideas! Thanks so much!
I'm doing a pink two tiered birthday cake for a 12 year old girl. I'm trying to think of a big flower that would be cute on it and I'm drawing blanks! Any suggestions?
Oh, that's a great help. Thanks!
I have to do a jersey cake, somewhat like this one, but I was wondering how to get the fondant to have the definition between the body and the arms. I'm not sure how to do it.. here is an example:
Thank you!
I'm doing a cake for someone that will be covered in black fondant. They don't want ganache, so should I use regular buttercream or chocolate buttercream?
Thank you so much! I appreciate all your help!
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