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I have made NFSC with margarine several times, and I actually liked them a little better than made with butter.
Definitely stick to your guns. Not charging enough was ultimately what made me quit making cakes for people. You get tired quickly of putting forth that much effort and not seeing much return. I made cakes for people from home for about a year and made a whopping profit of about $400 (for the whole year) after paying for supplies, etc. No telling how many hours I put in. STICK TO YOUR GUNS!!
I am decorating a pirate cake for my son today for his party on Saturday. I am using piping gel on top of some of the icing for the water, and was wondering if it would hold up ok for the next couple of days if I put it on today. Thanks.
I am no longer doing cakes for people for all those reasons. It turned into something that I can't handle at this point in my life with two small kids and a small kitchen and a husband who hates messes. Maybe when they're older.....although lately I've really needed some sort of creative outlet.
I would have this problem when I used to put a pinch of salt in my frosting without first dissolving it in the liquid.
As a former labor and delivery nurse, mother of two, and someone who decorates cakes, I would strongly advise NO. You never know what your hormones are going to do after delivery. Even if the first was ok, this could be totally different. You don't want the stress of having to plan and decorate a wedding cake in the back of your mind when you are going to be sleep deprived, hurting, etc.
I have had this same problem. I use my husband as an excuse, and he doesn't mind at all. It causes problems in our family when I am doing a cake for pennies. I know that some people truly have no idea how much time and expense goes into a cake, but a friend would know the toll that it takes on a family if you talk about it to her at all. If she can still in good conscience hand over $15 for a cake that looks like that without even offering any sort of tip, then I would...
How much meringue powder or corn syrup or piping gel do you put in? I seem to always get cracks.
I just looked at your cakes and your sculpting skills are phenomenal. Fantastic job!
The one time that I have done cookies on a stick, I slid the stick into the cookie right after it came out of the oven. I think this is what they tell you to do on the website. If you wanted to reinforce (say it's a big cookie), maybe pipe some royal icing around the insertion site or along the back. I don't know.
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