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If the bride refuses to listen then I am returning her money and telling her she needs to find another decorator.  She's going to blame you when the cake melts, no matter how many times you tell her and no matter what you get her to sign.  Maybe that will shock her into listening...
I don't do anything other than ice them.  No border and minimal smoothing.  They are in the kitchen and not meant to be seen.  They are only there to provide enough servings.  I charge less per serving (like half)  than for the wedding cake since it takes me almost no time at all and very little work to do.
I only use SPS.
What kind of instruction did you give when you delivered it?  Did you tell her it shouldn't be outside for more than an hour?   I'm not giving a refund.  She left a perishable item (made of butter, no less!) outside in 100 degree temperatures.  Really, what did she expect?  I would tell her you feel badly but you cannot be responsible for the weather or her decision to keep the cake outside for so long. 
I only own 2" pans.  I've had clients before that said they don't want filling and I tell them the 2 layers of cake need something in between to keep them together (so to speak) and recommend a thin layer of vanilla buttercream.  Filling is already included in the price of the cake so they always go with that option.
Brunswick has Penny's Sweet Supplies
I have a snowflake cutter I bought at Country Kitchen.  All you have to do is roll out fondant and use the cutter.  Takes very little time. I could see charging extra if you were making them individually out of royal icing or something but the cutter makes is very easy.    Agree about the figures instead of the edible image.
Aside from the crown and the edible image I don't see anything on here that isn't basic decorating.  Really.  I guess I don't understand what you see that would be considered excessive work that justifies the extra charges.  And when you break it down $260 for 30 servings = $8.67 per serving. 
It does seem like you are nickel and diming every little detail.  When I charge I have one price for buttercream and one for fondant.  That includes the filling and just about all decorating unless there is some significant extra work involved (like tons of flowers or intricate piping).    In that cake above the only extras I'm charging for are the crown and the edible image.  Everything else would be included in my base price for the cake. I can't see how you justify to...
Practically all my clients send me pics from Pintrest and Google (and Cake Central) that they like.  There's no way I am going to spend time tracking down the original decorator asking if I can make a copy of their cake.  You just can't take credit for a cake you didn't make personally.
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