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I think you need to have a talk with your parents.   You spent $45 but they only wanted you to charge $40?  Did your parents give you the extra $5 to make up for what you spent?  Or did your parents buy the ingredients?  You also worked for free.  Did you go to the party also?   Was the cake considered part of your gift as well if you did go?   There's a lot to take into consideration here.  First, it can be hard to have a conversation with your parents at that age...
Some of the most professional and well-respected individuals and companies have FB pages.   You also have the ability to reach so many more people with a FB page, than with just a website.  I think it's a mistake to underestimate the power of social media.
And don't underestimate the power of social media.  I have gotten orders from people in my town because someone they are friends with on FB liked my page and then they liked it too.  Chances are I wouldn't have necessarily gotten the order otherwise.  Nowadays they look on FB rather than than calling the person up and saying "hey who'd you order your last birthday cake from?"
I have FB page for my business.  I would say that at least 30% of my orders come from people who found me on FB first.  I do direct them to my website if they inquire about ordering.  But I get a lot of business from my page.  Keep in mind that "likes" do NOT equal orders.   IMO most businesses have a FB page and if you are taking this seriously as a business (not just a hobby to make a little extra cash) then you should have a professional looking page.
For a start I would be keeping the cat out of the kitchen at all times.
You might want to reconsider not always wearing a bra.  Unless your very small chested, the girls will appreciate the support, particularly when you're rolling out fondant.  If not now, later.  When gravity starts to take its toll   All other clothing is optional         And let me just say I've been on CC a long time and I'm pretty sure this topic has never come up before!
I'd give him free delivery, unless it's significantly out of your way to deliver or will take more than an hour.  Make it a year long contract and let him know that you'll have to re-evaluate pricing after a year to be in line with pricing increases in your ingredients.  I'm pretty sure milk is going to be more expensive in a year
$199 a month???   RUN.   I'd also be concerned they're going to start posting negative reviews as a payback for not using their services...
Let your DH buy everything you need for this cake, including the new pans.  Then let him help you with the baking and clean-up.  I bet he says the cake is enough for the gift after that lol
Everyone has their own definition of a rush job.  For me, it's within the same week.   I personally wouldn't charge one for this particular order.  You can easily fit it into your schedule.  Plus you risk losing the customer for no reason because with two weeks to go before they need it, they probably would be able to find someone else to do the order and not have to pay a fee.
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