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The fact that she tried to get you to lower your price, kept changing the reason they didn't like the cake and that she won't let your husband pick up the cake all scream buyer's remorse. She's mad you upped your price and is trying anything she can think of to get her money back or a free cake. Don't fall for it.   Stick with your original plan and I would put her on the no cakes for you list regardless of what happens.
Have a checklist that you go through when discussing orders with potential clients. First questions should be: 1.  What's the date of your event? 2.  How many guests are you expecting/how many servings do you need? 3.  What's your budget?   Once they answer those questions I give them a quick estimate of what the cake is going to cost. "Ok for a buttercream cake for 50 people the starting price is going to be $200.  Depending on the final design or if we do fondant...
Amen.  I think you should just cut and paste this for when pricing questions come up.   To the OP: one of the hardest things to do when starting out (particularly as a home baker) is thinking how much YOU would pay for that cake and feeling like you can't charge appropriately because you would/could never pay that much. You can't have that mindset if you want to do this a business, you need to take into consideration all the things mentioned above.
There's nothing wrong with raising your prices to be in line with the rising cost of ingredients.  If someone asks why you are charging more you can give them a concrete example ("Well 6 months ago I was paying around a dollar for butter, now I am paying $4") or something like that.  I'd even follow up with a "I'm sure you've noticed you're paying more for milk and eggs when you do your grocery shopping."  Or whatever food item you want to mention.
What happened when she picked up her cake???
It's a YEAR away and she's only given you $50?  I would not be putting any money towards her cake.  Yes, you feel bad but I don't understand why you would help pay for her cake.   Refund the money, apologize, give her the name of some other decorators and move on. 
I'm glad you were able to come to a decision that you feel comfortable with. Given that your brother and his wife don't seem to have it all together I am going to suggest you give them one message with a cut off date that says you are willing to make the cake but all details need to be worked out by (insert date here).    I'm betting they have no idea they can't just message you the week before the wedding with what they want. They're not going to understand why you...
The customer is expecting to pay the price you quoted her.  It would be completely unprofessional to raise the price because you didn't charge enough.  You'll not only lose a customer, but the bad word of mouth will end up costing you even more. Chalk it up to a lesson learned
And for the Great Gatsby wedding... you need to call AND email AND text the client and tell her per her contract since she has not made her payment on time she is NOT getting a wedding cake.  Tell her she has forfeited her deposit and wish her luck finding another baker.  Offer her the chance to bring you the final payment in CASH within 24 hours.  And don't do ANY work until you get the money.
OP, She's yanking your chain and deep down you know it or your spidey sense wouldn't be going off like crazy.  She has every excuse in the book AND she wants you to drive the boyfriend to get money?  Frankly, that's the biggest load of BS I've heard in a long time.   Email her or call and tell her since she has not paid so she will not be getting a cake.  Just keep repeating it until she gets the message.  Honestly, even if she did bring you cash payment if full within...
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