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A Blossom of Love
the $50.00 is nothing but labor for all the samples after the baby congrats you wont be caking soon id think so that will be a bit of a set back. in other words u shouldnt feel bad about the 50.00 at all.
I know they will crust and u can get a smooth finish i never put under fondant u can test it out on a cupcake hth
lol keep at it it gets better and you will stop eating mistakes hopefully b4 u add 20 lbs of learning to your belt.......
ill try to talk her into fondant but she really a buttercream girl
havent seen that for a really long time just when cc first closed there own store wish i miss so much. Hint Hint...
Hi all I have a friend that want a maroon an brown wedding cake she wants it really tall but it only need to feed 150 however she only want vanilla cake and vanilla butter cream no chocolate allowed it's for mid Aug. in Los Angeles Aug here it may hit 100 degrees easy at 4:00 pm those are both dark colors any ideas i have a great idea for a cake but the colors im seeing those dark colors running in the heat help thanks
Do as much prep work as far in advance and store it away as you can making an covering boards, making ready icing bags ready to be filled,plan decorating anpre make and store if it applys to you style.... good luck an have fun
couldnt get it either
lol ya'll are crazy ...i havent posted in a year or more but i enjoyed the laughs on this one an by the way they are great an i call them cake bites
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