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Thank You so much!!!! I really appreciate your help
If any one has the istructionsfor making the daisy, could you, please, post or email me.Thanks in advance
A while ago, I saw a cake in an older copy of a Wilton book. I need to find it and can't. It was a two tier cake with a large gumpaste daisy on top. On the daisy, there was a Mickey and Minnie Mouse figurine. I believe it was an anniversary cake. I need instructions for making the daisy for the top. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
Thank you very much
Can someone tell me how many cups of batter does a 15 inch petal pan takeThanks in advance
Thank you!Anyone else?
I will be making a Nemo cake soon. My question is, what pans do you use to make Nemo? Thank you
ellascreations@sbcglobal.netThanks for sharing!
I checked with Costco several weeks ago.The bakery does not sell anything to the public.
Thanks, those are great ideas. I love the flower pot idea. I am making large gumpaste peonies. By the way,this cake is for about 70 people.Anyone else ?
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