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You can get different gauges of wire. The thicker the gauge, the stronger the wire and it will be able to hold up heavier pieces.
I would want them to be very cold when I was assembling them... that way you can smooth the butter cream easier without smudging. I would put the dowels in before transport (I personally don't like people watching me do that put). Just remember that you won't be able to put the whole thing on a turn-table - so the borders will take a lot more "leg" work.
I work in a commercial kitchen and we use gas stove tops and electric ovens. The electric is a bit more stable and exact in temperature control.
I have used cake drums for cakes weighing 75+ pounds. I haven't had a problem with them. If you want to use wood (or anything else) you can cover them in fondant, in wrapping paper, in fancy foil... pretty much whatever you like. ps - fancy foil is the foil you can buy at craft stores in the cake aisle. It is heavy than regular foil and will cover better and look better.
I use Yahoo. It costs $11.95 per month... but that is for email addresses and storage and the domain name. They have a great site building tool. All my pages are designed from their templates. Check it out
For the time and labor that goes into a cake, I would charge more. I charge a base price of $3.00/slice regardless of size. You should figure out how much you spend to make a 10" round cake and then estimate how much you time you spent (include shopping, baking, etc.). Then figure out how much you want to make per hour.... $2, $10 ... whatever you can be happy with. Add these 2 numbers together and that will get you started on a reasonable price. (for example... if a...
I would make buttercream with some coconut milk stirred in instead of water and/or vanilla (or coconut extract) and then fold in a bunch of coconut. I usually use some toasted and some not toasted for a more complex flavor.
Well, if I was forced to bake on Monday - then I would freeze it after it came out of the oven, especially since it is for a contest.
To do a cake like that I would make several sheet cakes to be craved and stacked together. I would make one that is the lower portion of the truck (basically from the hood of the truck down - and all the way back). Then I would use another sheet to be the top of the truck (with dowels). Then for the landing of the stairs, I would make it out of gum paste or fondant to sit on the top. Obviously the stairs would be craved on the backside of the sheet cakes. Hopefully...
I charge by the slice... if it is to feed 20 people, then I charge $60.00 ($3.00/person). Although, if they want something very elaborate then the price goes up. You need to decide what you think is fair - your time should be worth something.
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