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If all of your tiers are 3", then it will look great. When they are all stacked up, the overall height is what matters for the correct looking proportions. If you also do a cake that you cut into for tastings, you will want it to be similar height, or people will wonder they are different. Most people in the general public don't realize that the displays cakes are foam.
Five or six hours will be no problem. Don't use the spikes, they are a mess. Just have the florist leave a bucket of water with the flowers in it by the cake table. They will hold up almost all day.
I would think that you can not copyright a very generic cupcake. However, I would make sure my cupcake looked different than his cupcake, ie maybe white with sprinkles on it or something like that. Especially being in a different state, I wouldn't worry about infringing on his business.
My understanding (and I am not a lawyer or anything) is that when you buy a decopac, you are paying all the fees that are associated with the use of those plastic figures. So, you can buy the decopac Princess stuff from Disney (or the companies that license with Disney) and then you can make different princess cakes and different castle cakes and put the princesses on them. However, you can not use the plastic princess pieces in a derogatory or disrespectful manner,...
It is likely that your melts got too hot. Next time, try heating them until they are most of the way melted and then stir them until the rest of the pieces melt completely. This should help you control the temperature a bit more.
If I am using the butter cream within the week, I leave it out on the counter, well wrapped. If I am storing it for a week or 2 I use the refrigerator. For very long term storage, I will freeze it for several months (make sure you label it if you have thinned it out - you won't remember if you don't).
Bettercream is a product to replace whipped cream, not buttercream. I am not sure what Walmart uses, I would imagine it is Dawn's buttercream. Dawn is a large scale bakery manufacturing company that many places use for their mixes and premade ingredients. That is just a guess.
I use a toolbox - one with little bins in the top for the small stuff. Then I got a piece of spongy foam (almost like a dish sponge material) and cut slits in it for my knives to rest in without rubbing on each other. The other possibility is to use knife guards so you don't cut yourself reaching in. Just remember to measure you longest knife before you go shopping!Good luck! marci
You could do a refundable consultation fee - maybe $25 or $50 that you will apply towards the cake, if they order. Personally, I don't do a tasting until they have booked the wedding.
The pans lose their shine because the dish machine detergent reacts with the aluminum in the pans. It does not affect the baking and usage. They just aren't shiny any more. Hand washing soap does not affect the shine. I am not sure why... maybe the high heat? If you scrub the pan with baking soda and soap (make a paste of the two) you may be able to bring back the shine. However, you will have to decide if it is worth wasting several hours scrubbing to get a shiny...
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