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Usually the ingredients for white and yellow are basically the same. Except for the eggs. You can't just remove yolks or add them in, if you are making from scratch because that will throw off your liquid and protein amounts and your cake won't rise right. Usually the weight of the eggs is the same, just the ratio of whites to yolks is different. If a white recipe calls for say 18 oz of whites and 4 oz of whole eggs (22 oz of egg stuff total), to make it yellow you...
I usually use graham cracker crumbs for sand. If you want darker/wetter look, you can mix some melted butter in it (like for making a crust) and then you can mold it a bit.
The privilege license depends on the town you live in. Cary, Raleigh, Morrisville, Holly Springs all require one. Some do not.
I agree with the serrated knife idea. However, my knife is 14" long. I use it to level/torte all my cakes.
I have gotten 10" ones from US Food Service - 10" dry wax paper circles is what they called them. I didn't ask about any other sizes. They were a special order item, so it took a couple of days to get them in.
Maybe I missed it, but when the rental store front, I didn't see any mention of remodeling/bringing everything up to code. If the spot was a bakery before that doesn't mean that new equipment (ie hood system, fire suppression system, grease trap etc) doesn't need to be redone. As state and county and city codes change, any new business has to follow the new rules. It can be very expensive.On another note, bakery ownership may be more involved then you are aware. Even...
I would call some area pastry chefs/bakery/country clubs and see if they will sell you some of theirs. I would first call Nicholas Lodge, who I believe is near you, since his school most likely carries it. I don't know of any stores that sell it.Sorry,marci
The big problem that comes with doubling (or more) of a recipe, usually is when the recipe isn't exact enough. For example, if your recipe calls for about 1/2 tsp of baking powder. If you double it, you need ABOUT 1 tsp. Is it less than one tsp or more then one tsp? Any rounding up or down issues are magnified into big problems. If you have a well written recipes, double or tripling should not be a problem. If your recipe is done in weights (instead of cups) then...
I have seen in restaurants where they use unglazed terra cotta pots for bread. Just regular terra cotta that they had washed in their dish machine. If you wanted to glaze them, you would need to research glazes for ceramic dishware - just make sure it will be oven safe after it is fired in the kiln.
I have made cutouts for the tops of cookies a few weeks in advance and frozen them, so they are still soft enough to form to the top of the cookies.
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