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I am not in CA and so I am not familiar with their particulars... But, since you do not make the food there my assumption would be that you do not have to get clearance. I would think it would be the same as selling at a Farmer's Market or Holiday Show or whatnot. Although, you may have to have everything boxed up somehow to protect it from whatever is in the air. I would definitely check with them before they show up to shut you down.Marci
Where are you buying them? $5 for each plastic piping bag.... I hope you are kidding. From Global Sugar Arts you can get a 100 count box for $20 plus $6.80 shipping. That's only $0.268 per bag.
Welcome Sharon! There is a ton of information on this site, you just have to find it! I would start by looking at the "Articles" section of the site...,Marci
It depends on the venue. Some dictate that they must cake (and then charge for it). Some brides ask that you cut it. I have cut someone else's cake, at an out of town family wedding. It all just depends.
I like the idea. However, you will need to budget a bit for advertising, I would think. "Wait, so it's like a grocery store cake because I can just go and pick one up at the drop of a hat.... but it is more expensive... and I have to wait for it to be finished... Why is that?" People would need to understand what they are going to get, before they show up and get sticker shock.Also, you would need make sure your system is as streamlined as possible. How long will each...
Thanks for the commiseration! I am just trying to put multiple photos on a page. I think I figured out a way to make it happen... it is just taking 10 times longer than it should.Oh well, I will just continue to meddle through it.
I have moved my site from yahoo to godaddy and I am trying to build a new website using "Website Tonight" that godaddy recommends. Anyone out there using this app?It seems pretty difficult to work with and I am looking for any pointers! Maybe Yahoo costs more because their software was easier to use.I don't like how I can't just move stuff from the template around and rearrange things.Any way, just looking for some advice or commiseration. Thanks!marci
Although I can't see the cake in question... if the cake is just really tall, but basically one tier then you don't put cardboard in the middle, since you would have to pull the cake apart to slice. However if the cake is individual tiers that are all stacked up, then you would put cardboard on the bottom of each tier.So if the cake is a stack of books, which each one a separate tier (maybe turned at angles to each other) then cardboard under each (and dowel them so the...
Here is my recipe for dark chocolate ganache for truffles:1 c. Heavy Cream1/2 tsp. Vanilla-- boil, remove from heat1# 2 oz dark or semi-sweet chocolate-- add, let sit for about 5 minutes and then stir to melt. Cool to about 86 degrees (F).3 oz butter, soft (unsalted)-- once cooled, add butter and stir to melt.When it starts to set you can tip into mounds and put in the refrigerate to set. Then roll in your palms with powdered sugar and then then roll in tempered...
I usually take a little bit of fondant (or gum paste if I already have that out) and bit it into little bits and drop it into some warm water. The fondant dissolves and helps make a gum, by making the water a bit stickier. Then I just brush the "petal gum" onto the back of the fondant piece and stick it on. I usually hold it there for a minute and you are done.
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