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I keep seeing wedding cakes separated by a round band or ribbon. I can't find anything for sale besides regular columns and plates. How is this done? Is the separator sold online and then covered with ribbon or is there a neat trick for making them? I'll try to link an...
I would airbrush fondant but edible image might work. I just hate dealing with those things!
I had a bride that wasn't satisfied from just our (many) discussions on the phone. She wanted a 7 tier cake for 100 people and kept insisting that it be taller... taller... taller. When she started complaining about the price, I cut her loose. The money was not worth the aggravation to me. I told her I didn't think I could satisfy her and that it would be best if she found someone else to make the cake. She did. It looked good but guests at the wedding said it tasted...
@chrystalp22 we would love to hear how your plans are going. When is the wedding?
Yay! That sounds a lot easier. Good luck!!!
Freezing for a short time will not hurt a bit unless you have something smelly in your freezer.  
YAY!!!! So glad it worked. :)
You need a gravity fed, double action airbrush. Other than that... it doesn't have to be made for cake specifically. Be sure it is new and has never been used for anything else. You need to use food color that is made for airbrushing or it will get clogged up. The air compressor should be adjustable to a pretty low pressure. If the air pressure is too high, you can blow a hole in your icing.
Does "adult themed" mean naughty? I think you need to post in the members only naughty cake section for help.
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