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I would love all your opinions for which kind of cake to bring to my inlaws Christmas Party. (my mil is making grasshopper pie so i am i not supposed to do anything with mint).Red Velvet with a pistachio pudding filling and a roux icing (or cream cheese?)orHazelnut Cake (WBH recipe) with Nutella mousse and coffee buttercream
I would like to see an official sticky Q&A thread for each article, linked within that article. Then the article author could answer questions about that article for all people to see, instead of individuals PMing the author and then maybe later someone else having that same question. A good example of what i'm talking about is the Q&A threads linked to the classes on Thanks!
Just to let everybody know. Someone one ebay is once again selling CDs of 1000+ wedding cake photos. I don't have time to check up on this right now. But someone else should.
Congrats to all the winners!Question for the Corpse Bride cake - Did you make the figures on top or buy them?
I've never been to a wedding with a fondant covered wedding cake and many people I know had never even heard of fondant until i educated them.
I'm here at work as well. And this really is the only time i can check the site. I'm just too busy at home to hardly get on the computer.
Did you use just parchment or silicon coated parchment?
I've used Kuhlua in my IMBC. It was AWESOME. I just added a couple tablespoons after i had whipped al the butter in to the sugar and egg whites.
I don't recommend Martha's Sugar Cookie recipe. It spreads way too much. Just look at the ratios of sugar butter and flour and compare them to like the no fail or tobas and you'll see what i mean. What a great idea these are. I definitely am gonna have to make someof these up to put in my portfolio!
There is a maple buttercream recipe in Dede wilson's book. Its basically an IMBC made with maple syrup.1 C maple syrup 8 large egg whites2 lbs insalted butterSimmer Maple syrup in a small saucepan. Meanwhile whip egg whites until soft peaks form at medium high speed. Turn beaters up to high and beat until stiff, but not dry. At the same time, rais the heat and bring the maple syrup to a rolling boil, about 1-2 minutes. When the egg whites are stiff and the maple syrup...
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