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I'm having a difficult time with something! I recently saw a cake online that was 4 tiers and between the bottom two tiers was a small 4" cake dummy used as a separator. I'm trying to recreate this idea. I'm TRYING to wrap satin (not wired) ribbon around a square cake dummy. After wrapping it one time, as I try to go up the dummy to continue wrapping, I'm getting a small gap each time I go up with the ribbon. I've tried pulling it tighter and it's still not working!?! I...
Looks good!!Thanks for the recommendations!!! I do like Nicholas Lodge's things but I'll have to check out the other ones too!!
I was wondering if anyone had suggestions about the best books out there for learning how to make various gumpaste flowers? No flower in particular, just would like to increase my skills with these! I know there are SOOO many authors to choose from. Any suggestions on user-friendly how-to books?? Thanks!!
The State Fair of Texas does not have a cake decorating contest. Why, I have no idea! I've complained 2 years in a row too! All of their contests are baking related, some new national contests, some just local bits. It's very strange that they wouldn't considering the size and the magnitude of the fair. I have not been able to find any competitions to enter on a local level. Hope this answers your question! Maybe if everyone complained they would change it!
So out of curiosity, you didn't dowel the cakes? Were they just sitting on top of each other?? Maybe others can learn from your mistakes! That's too bad though
Red velvet is a chocolate cake, not vanilla b/c the cocoa in it covers any aftertaste of the red food coloring.
I was wondering, I have a bride that is wanting to keep some sort of flower top from her wedding cake. I would normally suggest GP flowers but the particular cake she's chosen has royal flowers around it. I think the 2 together wouldn't match. So can I make a topper of royal flowers for her to keep? I would assume it would fade in sunlight, but otherwise would these keep??Thanks!!
I recently saw where someone had made a sewing box cake in a Nick Lodge class. I know the scissors are from patchwork cutters but I was wondering about the rest of it, specifically the buttons, needles, thimbles, etc. Are these from molds? Does anyone know where I can get them?? Thank you SOO much!!!
Or are you talking about the piping details of Martha Stewart's design? I've been interested in that as well. Antonia74 has a beautiful cake with this look.
In regards to changing the pricing though, even though it was an informal quote, think about what this bride is going to feel like. You told her one thing over the phone, she's basically said yes, wants to book it, and then when you meet you have a higher price? She's going to think that's very unprofessional, no matter what the reasons you had for doing it. I think it makes you look very unprepared. I'm sure every experienced person on here (maybe even some not) will tell...
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