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I'm in search of a jet printer that prints onto the cookie without an edible sheet. I'm aware of the Sweet Art printer, but was wondering if anyone has heard if there are other manufacturers out there? Any info would be so appreciated! I've searched the web over & over with no luck! Thanks!
I have access to a 50# block of Sweetex, but was wondering if you can freeze it. It will probably take me 6 months to go through it all. Can anyone help??
Thanks everyone for the response. This is the 1st time I every posted a forum question.I sent an email to the company and they said those were airbrushed on. The sweet art printer definitely makes sense. I'll have to check it out.Thanks again!
I have a request for the bride and groom's name and date in writing on a wedding cookie. This person found them on a cookie favor site that delivers. It is not written w/icing, it looks so professional. It looks like it was printed on with a computer. Does anyone know what this is? Is it a transfer sheet (on each cookie???) or something else?
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