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I have been asked to make a choc. chip cookie in a rainbow brite cake pan. Is this possible? I remember last time I made a cookie in an 10" round pan, the middle of the cookie stuck to the pan. Could I put wax paper down first, would that help?Thanks for any help!
The violet worked! I can't believe it.Thanks so much!!!!
I made marshmellow fondant and added wilton white icing color to it, but it is not getting very white. I am making a wedding dress with it. Are there any tricks to get it really white?Thanks,Angela
I really like this cake and I think it goes along with your theme. Hope this helps!
I have a request for a cake like this one. This cake was found on the internet, I am not sure who made it. Does anyone know if this is from a pan or how this was done? I really do not want to attempt to cut this out. Thanks for any help!
What is everyone using for an 11x15 cake? I thought I used to get 12x16, but I cannot find them anymore.Thanks, Angela
Go for it!
Thanks to KHalstead and everyone else who gave me tips on putting real flowers on a cake: I put a piece of wax paper on the top of cake and "glued" the flowers on the wax paper with icing.
Would I just put icing on the parchment to"glue" the flowers to the cake?
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