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Oh my gosh - that is SO cute!
I have another thread started but thought I would pop on over and say "hi!"    Are you guys somewhere where you deal with heat and humidity?  I'm in AZ and while I can handle the heat I don't know how to work with humidity (and really - its not THAT humid, 40%).  Everything stays sticky and soft.  Blah.   Last week I had this super cute baptism cake  - and I of course forgot to take a picture.  I was hoping the client would be kind enough to send one over but they were...
I was thinking the same thing (avoid the saran wrap) - I'll put a few ice packs in the box, tape her up, cross my fingers and go.  OH!  I also just found out the freeway is closed for construction tomorrow - so I get to be in stop/go street traffic 90% of the way. Awwwwesome.  lol!
 Why - o - WHY did I add gum paste?!?!  GAH!!!!!  Please - oh - please send all sorts of good thoughts my way.  
Yes - if I refrigerate it it will be boxed and then chilled overnight (actually will be boxed regardless if it's room temp or chilled)  Which brings me to another thought!  Normally, I box and wrap the box in saran wrap to keep it all sealed up and chilled - but with the dang gum paste that I mixed in with the MMF - should I wrap it in saran wrap?!  (Oh.... me and my brilliant ideas. gah.)
Regarding the berry filling - Yes.  BUT it is warm and things get squishy.  I've out a few extra ruffles in the fridge and pulled them out and they seem to do OK I just am having visions of waking up, packing it up, and driving down the freeway as I watch the ruffles melt.   *shutters*
I seem to be full of questions lately!   I have a cake that I am working on and it is unusually humid in AZ right now. Normally, my MMF decorations dry up nice and hard within a few days and I can keep my fondant covered cakes in the fridge without any real condensation issues.  But the MMF pieces I made 7 days ago are still bendy and my cakes are taking 1-2 hours to dry with a fan before I can touch them. (I did up the temp on my fridge - hoping that would...
Thx!  :) 
I've been trying to find a better picture but I just can't. Can anyone tell what the bottom tier is made from? Rose petals? Circles? Something else?
Are you letting your ganache sit or are you pouring it on?  What recipe are you using for the ganache?  Seems to me like it might not be stiff enough and/or you are putting too much ganache between your layers. Also - I see you're in Tampa (warm - like AZ), are you refrigerating your cake? It could be that your ganache is melting...
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