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Honestly, after about mile 3 of the dirt road, and the flooded wash, AND the COW nursing her calves it became comical!  I had my kids in the car and we were laughing at that point.  I had the cake snug inside a large box so I had NO idea what was happening in there - we were (half jokingly) creating an inspirational story about smashed cake, topped with a light that never dies, signifying the fight that never ever ends (or something like!) Moral of the story -...
My son and his gf have been a part of Relay for Life for the past 5 years.  They always ask for a cake to help celebrate the occasion for the Survivor's Dinner but the timing has always been off.  Finally, this year I was able to donate a cake.  The event was taking place 1.5 hours from my town and I left with plenty of time....   Until....   The freeeway was closed due to a car fire, in an area of the freeway that had NO frontage road.  SO - we hopped off at the 1st...
Hmmm.... I was wondering why all the shelves were empty. I hope that it still drys nice & hard.  I don't use Wilton to cover anything that needs to be eaten (I use MMF) but I do love to use it for sculpting, flowers, etc - it is cheap, drys fast, colors great, airbrushes great....
100%, yes.
Yes, there are two layers of fondant - but only the flames have been airbrushed... I would think that if I airbrushed the flames BEFORE wrapping them around the cake the fondant would smudge/harden/crack so I think I need to airbrush it after the flames are in the cake...I just don't know how to airbrush only part of a cake... (Hope that makes more sense...) I would love to create flames similar to the ones on the above cake but I can't wrap my brain around how to only airbrush the flames but not the rest of the cake... tape it off?   TIA
Why not use a block of styrofoam?
So you are making a chocolate ganache truffle and then placing it into the cupcake and then baking it?  If so - thats the problem.  You can't bake ganache - it melts and just blends into whatever you've placed it in.
Stronger?  I'm not sure that is the right "word" for it.  I love MMF - it it sturdy, smooth, tastes yummy, etc - but I also use Fondex and/or Satin Ice (and on desperate occasion, Duff's) fondant and I feel that they all work great but that MMF has more give to it before tearing.
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