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Being in AZ the sun can be brutal - even during the winter.  Even for indoor events, I require the cake NOT be near a window.
I used an 8.25" acrylic cake circle on the 8" cake and 8" cake board. I purchased the 6.25", 8.25", 10.25" set.
There isn't a pic of the cake you are trying to recreate attached to your post.
No pic!
Oh - and the only "damage" that I needed to fix after I removed it was a little bit of scuffling around the edge.
No paper between the circle and the cake - I just iced the top, smoothed it the best I could, let it crust and then placed the acrylic circle on and kind of pushed down on it/ensured that it was level.  I also did not use a circle on the bottom.  I held my scraper flat against the turn table and bumped up against the acrylic circle on top.
 I crumb coat and then put a nice, thick layer of buttercream under my fondant.
Couple of things:  1) Duff's (I think that's what you are talking about) NEVER dries hard for me, so mixing that with your MMF would be the reason they never dried hard   2) It will take a bit of trial and error to figure out how much powdered sugar you need in your MMF - Depending on the weather/humidity I add more/less and go by feel.   3) Then little air bubbles are from not enough kneading after letting it sit.  When you knead it you're going to push it down, turn...
I picked up some acrylic circles from cakethings . com and tried them out for the 1st time yesterday.  It was just a cake I was bringing to a frien's birthday so gluten free guests could have something yummy.  For the first time ever, I had a guy come up and say, "I have never seen such sharp 90 degree angles on a cake."   What I did:   1: level, torte, crumb coat, let sit over night to settle 2: remove any bulges 3: frost the top, nice and level and let crust 4:...
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