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For sure, only attempt to put fondant on a totally chilled cake - think several hours in the fridge. It should be nice and firm and will hold up to you messing with the fondant. If you live in an area with lots of humidity you will need to work quickly so that the moisture from the cake allows the fondant to stick to it but not so the condensation has time to make it's way out to the surface of the fondant and gets all sticky. I am not familiar with Wilton fondant so I...
You'll find what works best for you and your climate but this is what I do: 1: Make MMF & color at least 3 days prior to due date 2: 2 days before I torte/crumb coat my cake and let it settle over night 3: 1 day before - In the AM, ice with buttercream and ice until cold (about 2 hours) 4: Once cake is chilled, cover with MMF and decorate as needed with all MMF decorations     Good luck!
He was kind of bummed that he wasn't invited to the orgy - also asked if I took pictures.   Love that man - keeps me laughing!
Aha!  YES - TYLOSE!!! This isn't nearly as bad as when I texted my husband- "Busy day - late start, grocery, made cookies, buttercream, went to orgy.  Totally tired."             MEANT to say: "Busy Day - late start, grocery, made cookies, buttercream, went to ortho.  Totally tired."         Oh - and here is the finished cake:   :
Well...I needed to get it done before he got home so I just "winged" it.  I ended up adding a ton of tiles to the satin ice black fondant I had, cut the strips out, rounded the corners, smoothed the edges, folded into an "L" shape and attached them to the cake, then did some more smoothing.  It dried out soon quickly and some ended up a little cracked but it's for my husband - so he has to love it, right?  LOL!
Normally I'm not a "Need help ASAP!!" kind of gal - but today that is me! My husband is turning 40 on Thursday and I am planning on bringing a surprise cake to his office tomorrow. Obviously, because it is a surprise I have to work on it when he isn't here and couldn't really finagle a trial run. The cake I am making is a paddle tire cake - looks just like the attached photo except it is laying flat on the ground. The plan I had in my head to do the paddles isn't working...
I made this one a few years ago - 4 6" tiers with supports.  I actually precut and repainted panels to attach to the sides of the mug directly to the buttercream.  Then I wrapped a black fondant band around the mug and placed "rivets" to make it look like the bad was holding each panel in place.  The handle was made several days in advance and dried with two dowels sticking out of the ends so that I could shove it into the side of the cake.  
THAT ^^^ is a GREAT article!  Thanks for sharing!!
I am in love with Sylvia Weinstock's Yellow Cake - I love everything about it, except for the after taste the cake flour leaves in my mouth.  I have heard of using AP flour with some potato starch in it - but I'm not sure how much of it to use.  I'm willing to experiment but would love a starting point - if anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear them! Thanks!
I've done that before but in this case the pieces that need to dry stiff will be ON the cake without the ability to have them dry separately before hand.  Thank you for the help though! :)   I haven't really explored the other fondant out there - does anyone have any thoughts on how satin ice, fondx, etc dries?
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