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I made this one a few years ago - 4 6" tiers with supports.  I actually precut and repainted panels to attach to the sides of the mug directly to the buttercream.  Then I wrapped a black fondant band around the mug and placed "rivets" to make it look like the bad was holding each panel in place.  The handle was made several days in advance and dried with two dowels sticking out of the ends so that I could shove it into the side of the cake.  
THAT ^^^ is a GREAT article!  Thanks for sharing!!
I am in love with Sylvia Weinstock's Yellow Cake - I love everything about it, except for the after taste the cake flour leaves in my mouth.  I have heard of using AP flour with some potato starch in it - but I'm not sure how much of it to use.  I'm willing to experiment but would love a starting point - if anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear them! Thanks!
I've done that before but in this case the pieces that need to dry stiff will be ON the cake without the ability to have them dry separately before hand.  Thank you for the help though! :)   I haven't really explored the other fondant out there - does anyone have any thoughts on how satin ice, fondx, etc dries?
I normally make my own fondant - unless I need black or red, then I purchase pre-made.  Usually, I grab some Duff's because it doesn't taste awful, it is nearby, and it is relatively inexpensive.  BUT - this time I need large amounts of black, including some parts of the cake that need to dry stiff.  No amount of Tylose added to Duff's can make it non-floppy.  Any suggestions?  Thanks a ton!
My honest feedback would be they are a great cakes and looks like you could be on to something.  I would suggest continuing to make cakes for friends and family but not begin to sell cakes just yet.  But really, GREAT start! :)
Being in AZ the sun can be brutal - even during the winter.  Even for indoor events, I require the cake NOT be near a window.
I used an 8.25" acrylic cake circle on the 8" cake and 8" cake board. I purchased the 6.25", 8.25", 10.25" set.
There isn't a pic of the cake you are trying to recreate attached to your post.
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