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ahhhh now i understand, it was a fruit cake...  what a relief its over!  
i too am pretty confused by the "viewing of the cake"  what is they want to change things ?  also   that would be a big up charge..   And.... you make the cake fully decorated 4 days before a wedding?   that aside... i have in my contract that the cake is the artists rendition and not an exact replica of what they show me if the pic is not of one of my cakes.. also my final payment is 30 days before the event... what if after you make the cake, do all that work, and they...
I have a customer that contacted me to do a baby shower cake for saturday dec 14th in brooklyn. i am away. i did their wedding cake last year. they are a lovely couple.. anyway the budget is 350 for a cake for 50 people. two tier . PLEASE LET ME  K   NOW ASAP SO i can give you their number here is pic..  
Hi Ladies!! and Gents!!  i need help...  I want to make a jewish honey cake for my Fiance for thursday... can someone tell me a recipe from a cake mix? 
thank you. i went to a flower site and searched for hours til i found what looked like it. i see they are lily of hte valley. is there a site i can purchase them premade? i just had surgery and i  can mold small items like this right now 
hello all. i got a pic of a cake from a bride.. i cant tell if these are just white filler flowers or if there isa specific name. where can i find them in gumpaste?       
i think your price is right on.. i would get much more but im in manhattan.. also just a suggestion.....  i would losen the fondant on the dress skirt, so it doesnt look so rounded and pregnant... and it is easier... 
what is MVP
so when you use the one from walmart in the can... do you mix it with buttercream to fluff it up? or just beat it from the can in a mixer? 
the cake wasnt ready, i still had the last draped layer to do. 
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