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I love, love , love my Deluxe!!!! I got it for $1800 from Deluxe because it was a floor or demo model. They have incredible customer service!!! I can't say enough good things about them. Mine is on a stainless table too.
Oh... great ideas. Thanks for posting! I have to make cupcakes for my two son's classes and a church carnival so I need lots of ideas!
Maybe there is already a thread about this, but I couldn't find it. I would love it if everyone would post their favorite Halloween cupcake ideas!!! I have tons to make this year and not a lot if ideas. I can't wait to see what you all have done!
Thank you all so much! I'm still thinking 5,6,8,12. The cake is by Truli Confectionary Arts. I did email them and ask, so if I get an answer I'll let you all know. P.S. If anyone just wants to whip one up to see... make sure to post a pic! LOL
For those of you who think it's a 6,8, 10, 0r 4,6,8... am I crazy??? The gap between the top two and the second and third does not look the same to me. The top has a very small gap, smaller than the next two down. If it were 6,8,10 then the gap would be the same size. Do you guys see that or am I just making that up?
Well, I'm pretty sure it's a dummy made for the photo shoot. You can special order.
Just google the best of the know magazine and go to images. Several of them will come up.
I thought about that too. I think there is definitely a 4" gap at the bottom. But it looks like a 2" gap between the next one up, then the gap between the next two is smaller. That's why I thought it may be a 5" and not a 4".
Now I have another idea. Could it be 5,6,8,12??? Somebody help me!
Ok guys, What do you think the sizes of these cakes are. I think the bottom is 14" judging from the cake plate. Please help! I need to order dummies soon! Thanks!
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