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Hello, does anybody have the Spellbinder Sweet Accents Cake Designer?  If you do, how do you like it?
Thank you ladies for replying.  I obviously have a lot to learn, but I do appreciate the good tips you all provided.
Well, after several years of no cake decorating, I decided to give it a shot again with my niece's first birthday cake.   Looking back, wth did I get myself into!  lol!  I had many challenges to overcome during the whole process because I had to remember a lot of stuff that I had learned years ago.   1.)  used Sylvia Weinstock's original butter recipe and it was delicious!  it's definitely a keeper! 2.)  is there a way to not have "crusty" cakes?  am I overcooking...
Hello everyonen, I thought i could stay away from this site and hobby, but failed miserably. I regret to say that I even sold all my baking and decorating items. Biggest regret ever!!! Any way, I am trying to get myself back into decorating, but need help again. Could anyone please help me find a frosting recipe that is not too sweet and that can sit out in San Diego weather? This is for a baby shower for a dear friend of mine. Your help would be greatly...
o.k. one last you all think that a gumpaste bow would hold up better? Are fondant and gumpaste made of almost the same stuff? sorry...still a newbie! Thanks!
Hello, I have a cake due on Friday that will be frosted with Pastry Pride now, will fondant cut outs stick to the pastry pride? has anybody experimented with this? Thank you!
great job! your cake is beautiful!
Hello all, can you please share with me your favorite doctored strawberry cake recipe? For those that have tried the Cake Mix Doctor recipe, what did you think? Thank you.
Has anyone used the JEMB bow cutter set? If so, what was your experience with it? Thanks.
Hello! I live in San Diego, California!
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