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Ummmmm, I SECOND THAT!!! Boy, now I feel like an idiot. Thank you so much!!!!
I was asked to make a cookie bouquet for our school's fashion show, but the theme is Abracadabra. Besides the top hat and rabbit, what else do you think I should put in there? TIA
Do you guys know how to make dark brown royal icing, short of using a whole container of Wilton's brown gel? I need these cookies done by Saturday morning! UGH.
I was thinking of lemon cake or spice cake with cream cheese and p.sugar binder then dipped in white chocolate. Do think the cream cheese will be too heavy for the cake?
Is there a thread for cake ball recipes? I have a lemon cake mix, vanilla, chocolate and spice cake mix and I was wondering does anyone have a good recipe for any of these flavors?TIA and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Is there a thread that talks about cake ball recipes? My local grocery store was having a sale on cake mixes 10 for $10, so ..... I bought 10 different kinds of cake mixes.... Lemon, chocolate, spice, vanilla, and chocolate fudge. So I am looking for some recipes for all of these cake mixes. Can anyone help me? TIA and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!
I was wondering if anyone had any cookie bouquet ideas for a friend battling brain cancer. This is going to be for a fundraising event. I was going to do some gray ribbons (brain cancer awareness), but I am not sure what else to put in the bouquet. Can you guys help me out? TIA
I tried to attach fondant flower embellishments with royal icing (as the "glue") to a cookie favor. Well after they were dry, I put them in the bags and some of the flowers started falling off! What do you guys use as "glue"?
Someone gave me a container of Wiltons decorator icing. It had never been opened, but she does not know when she bought it. Is it still okay to eat?
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